The ACS Intermediate Redshift Cluster Survey is an ongoing study of about eight clusters in the redshift range z=0.8 to z=1.3 using the Wide Field Channel of the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope.

The team includes Marc Postman, Marijn Franx, Piero Rosati, Brad Holden, Garth Illingworth, Holland Ford, myself, and other members of the ACS Science Team.

A recent view of our program by Ford et al:  ford_clusters.pdf.

The first paper from this survey Advanced Camera for Surveys Photometry of the Cluster RDCS 1252.9-2927: The Color-Magnitude Relation at z=1.24 has been published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters (20 Oct 2003). The text may be downloaded here in PDF or compressed PostScript format:


Read more in the NASA/STScI press release on these data or in the ESA version of the release.

Some pretty pictures

  cl1252_ctrNew_brite.jpg    The ACS iz color composite image from this paper.
  cl1252ash998b.jpg    Larger ACS iz color composite image of central 1 arcmin.
  cl1252izk_rect.jpg    A gorgeous color composite using ACS i,z and VLT/ISAAC J+K.
  cl1252_tn1338_big.jpg    And a comparison of this to the protocluster around the distant radio galaxy TN1338 at z=4.1 (see Miley et al. 2004, Nature).

Here's a color version of our color-magnitude relation from the paper:  cmr_color.gif

Visit Piero Rosati's RDCS1252 Home Page for X-ray images and more!

...more coming soon....

John Blakeslee