John P. Blakeslee

NGC4649/NGC4647 John Blakeslee is an astronomer who worked as a Research Scientist with the ACS Project at Johns Hopkins University.

But I've moved west for a faculty spot in the friendly confines of the Dept. of Physics & Astronomy at Washington State University.  
Click here to go to my new homepage at WSU.

John Blakeslee's Publications and Research

  ADS indexed publications (for refereed only, click here)
  Preprints (astro-ph)
  The growing list of ACS Science Team papers

The ACS Science Team's Intermediate Redshift Cluster program

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey!

An attractive gravitational lens discovered in some deep ACS images.

Hubble Deep Field Supernovae discovered in some of the earliest ACS science images.

ACS Early Release Images!
My favorite is the peculiar galaxy UGC10214.
Is it really a Tadpole or is it more plausibly a Gulper eel?
(Learn about the Gulper here.)

Other (ground-based) cluster work.

Learn about Surface Brightness Fluctuations.

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